BC Bearing Latin America, a Canadian company with offices in Chile and Peru, is a large distributor of
Bearings and power transmission with all key lines of products for the most important industries.
For over six decades we have supplied materials and services to underground and open pit mines.
Our extensive market studies allow us to convert original equipment manufacturer (OEM) items to
their standard equivalents in order to reduce inventory duplication or improve cost effectiveness. At
the same time, our specialized inventory of supplies for plant and mine equipment firmly supports the
dynamism of the mining industry.
Our products and technical experience have been helping boost productivity and reduce plant
downtime for years. Our damage and fault analysis, along with our extensive inventory and product
lines, have allowed us to offer remarkable support to this key industry.
Besides our knowledge about the equipments and processes related to this industry, we
have complete equipment systems, support inventories and preventive maintenance
seminars. We have supplied services to sawmills of different sizes for almost sixty years,
from big complex facilities up to mobile sawmills.
We provide a complete line of products for this industrial segment in order to reduce downtime and
increase productivity. Our extensive inventory includes table top chains, gear reducers, gear motors,
sealed electric motors, nickel plated bearings, stainless steel chain, pinions, pulleys, and v-belts, as
well as FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA) approved lubricants.
BC Bearing is a supplier of specialty Power Transmission products such as Engineering and Specialty
Chain, Coupling, Reducers, Pulleys, and Belts to regional sugar refineries. We cover all chain
applications, including bagasse, elevator, wash table, engineered, and drag chains.